Cederblad 214 (Ced214) is a large emission nebula in the constellation Cepheus. The brighter portion of the nebula is located to the left of center in the image (South) and is associated with more intense OIII emission (blue). This region is referred to as Ced214, Sharpless 171 (SH2-171), or sometimes NGC7822, depending upon the source.

Within Ced214 there are many regions of "elephant trunk" structures created as a result of gas being blown away by UV radiation from one of the brightest UV sources in the nebula, the star BD+66 1673, located almost in the center of this field (J2000 coordinates for BD+66 1673 are RA 00 01 47; Dec +67 30 25). This star is contained within a cluster of about 40 hot, short-lived OB stars known as the Berkeley 59 complex (Be59), located in the general center of this field. As can be appreciated by the "donut hole" in the central part of this complex, gas in this star-forming region is being cleared out by the young, newly formed stars of the Berkeley 59 complex, which emit strong UV radiation, reminiscent of similar nebulae such as IC1396 and the Rosette.

Image aligned, integrated and colour mapped by Arc Fortnight, original data downloaded from Telescope.live


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